Causes – Save Japan Dolphins

The film the cove was what brought me to twitter. It moved me so much I had to share with someone how much anger I felt that this could happen. I had to tell other people so they knew about it too.

The dolphin slaughter happens every year from September until March. In this time thousands of dolphins are driven into a secret cove and slaughtered.

Since watching watching it that afternoon, it has made me so much more aware of what can happen in the world. Its so easy to fall into everyday life, looking no further that what you know and what you see everyday.

Its heartbreaking to know that as I go to sleep at night, by the time I wake up 10s of dolphins will have been slaughtered. All whilst I slept.

If everyone raised more awareness about something they were passionate about at least once, maybe one more person would be encourages to do the same.

Ric O’Barry – you are my hero!

So if you have any spare time today and would like to learn about how you can help, check out Save Japan Dolphins website.

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