Alice In Wonderland Exhibition

Today, marking my last Friday off from work, we ventured to Liverpool to see the opening of the Lewis Carol Alice in Wonderland exhibition. Growing up, we watching Disney films on a very regular basis. Actually as im writing this im home on a Friday night with my sister watching the original Disney Alice in Wonderland. So its fair to say we love it!

The exhibition contained Carol’s original manuscripts as well as photographs of his ‘Alice’ which was lovely to see. There were also other artist’s responses to Alice and the nonsense theme which was fantastic to see. We couldn’t take photo’s in the exhibition itself but I got a lovely few of Liverpool docks.

You can find out more about the exhibition here

Also…..a little claim to fame! I won a nonsense competition when I was younger (A very interesting poem about a turtle whose shell dropped off! Clever 10 year old me!) and won a lovely Alice book. Its still kept very safe!

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