Happy New Year! Resolutions and some learning along the way

Happy new year everybody!

The past year has brought happiness, sadness and a lot of laughs along the way!

This year our family has shared many happy moments, such as a graduation, a driving test, an 18th, a wedding and many more get-togethers than we’ve ever had before. I’ve learnt that its ok to be who I want to be, to wear what I like (when I like!) and to cherish every moment with loved ones as time is short.

I also got my second tattoo this year and have grown in confidence (both personally and professionally) which I am immensely proud of. I’ve travelled to Paris and London as well as venturing out and exploring more of Cumbria! My vinyl collection has grown and I’ve successfully brought my love of Queen to a younger generation (My BEST moment being when my 10-year-old cousin burst into ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ on the anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death to the amazement of the friends – who had no idea who he was. A very proud big cousin!).

However we’ve also had our fair share of heartbreak with family members plagued by illness and loosing loved ones throughout the year.

I’m not entirely sure what my New Years resolution was last year but this year my goals are to take more photographs (and invest in a nice new camera!!!), learn more about myself and the world around me and to remember to brush my teeth before bed (gross but practical!)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! Happy new year and I hope it is good to you all 🙂

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