1940s Vogue Cover

After spending so much time browsing through the Australian Women Weekly magazines I wanted to see if there were any similar UK magazine archives. Ive not had much luck so far finding similar Women’s Weekly magazines, but I did come across old Vogue covers from years gone.

I love the image above, the hair just looks so effortlessly glamourous, something I doubt I will ever be able to achieve!!

This was the cover of the April 1940’s issue, it cost 2 shillings and this was the description:

The Vogue woman is instructed on how to handle welcoming back her husband home for leave from the war: “He likes to spend some evenings quietly at home; comfortable chairs; easy, idle talk. You in a dress with a sweeping feminine skirt and gentle colours: Worth’s dinner dress – the skirt in linen, plaided blue, pink and magenta; the bodice in lilac angora discreetly banded with amethyst stones and sequins.”

Amazing! They go all the way back to 1916! I love old magazines, mainly because i’m so surprised theres a record of them!

Click on the image to look at others.

Image via Vogue

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