Vintage Finds

I love finding old bits and bobs to clutter up my bedroom. My room looks like it could be a car boot sale sometimes!!

Were lucky in that there are often junk sales close to where I live and most times you can find a pretty good bargain!

I thought it would be a nice way of sharing the bits I find with you in this new category!

After moving up north, I made the fatal mistake of not bringing a lamp with me. You always need a lamp! Theres nothing worse than getting in bed, then realising you’ve left the light on and having to crawl back out and wonder back in the dark blind.

So it was fantastic when we came across a pair of battered lamps one saturday morning.

20120104-082906 PM.jpg

20120104-082940 PM.jpg

20120104-082948 PM.jpg

I have no idea how old they are but they are definitely not new! They had burns around the top of the shades and chips around the bases. The seller didnt even know if they worked so we took a gamble and brought them home.

Some new bulbs and they worked!! No more wondering in the dark!

And can you guess the handsome price we paid for these fine lamps??

£1 – yes thats right, £1 or 50p per lamp! The best £1 I’ve ever spent!

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