Making Homemade Soap {Part 1}

I must be getting old when i’m excited about making loads of soap out of not many ingredients! Any way here it goes….

I’ve never heard of Mrs Meyers soap but after reading this post by Robyn at The Farmers Nest, I was intrigued and set about making my own!

I looked all day and couldn’t find Mrs Meyers soap for sale anywhere here in the UK (Although many companies willing to ship it here for a small fortune!) so I settled for Faith In Natures Aloe Vera Soap and their Antibacterial Soap.

What I needed:

  • Cheese grater
  • 2 Tablespoons of Liquid Glycerin (or Liquid Glycerol)
  • 1 x 8 oz bar of soap
  • 1 gallon of water (Approx 3.7 litres Water)

For a full run down you can follow the steps here

My three ‘Faith in Nature’ Soaps. I chose 2 Antibacterial soaps and one Aloe Vera. This was mainly because that was all there was! They were £1.79 each.

Liquid Glycerin, also known as glycerol. I dont know who was more surprised, me or the lady in the chemist! I’ve been in a few times over the years asking for lotions and potions and been greeted with a confused face, so it was a moment of shear surprise when I asked for something obscure and it was there! It cost £1.70.

I grated all three bars of soap together so it looked similar to cheese. I needed 8oz so had a little bit left over.

Looks like cheese.

I then added the soap, water and glycerin into the pan and heated until it had all dissolved.

In Robyn’s instructions she said to leave for 10-12 hours. Its setting nicely at the moment so ill updated tomorrow with what it looks like!!

5 thoughts on “Making Homemade Soap {Part 1}

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  2. Erica Post author

    I thought it would be really difficult but it turned out to be easy!
    I wasn’t expecting it to work out as well as it did, although next time I would use a little more water as its gone a little too gloopy as the days have passed!
    Im trying to use it as much as I can to make some more 🙂

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