Vintage Storage Chest {Part 1}

A couple of weeks ago I found this old tin chest in a junk shop in Carlisle, and for only £10.00 it was a bargain! I say ‘Junk’ loosely…I could find a place for everything!

Id been looking for a chest for quite a while now to store jumpers and winter coats in so its was a brilliant find!

After I bought it, it had flaking paint and bits of rust all over so off it went to be sand blasted and came back like this! Here it is all lovely and grey.

Grey not being quite the colour I was going for I set about acquiring some cream paint. Originally I had planned on sing a glossy paint but decided it was easier to spray.

Its insides are still a bright blue colour, I quite like it and with a clean i’m sure it will look fine.

Here it is after the first coat of spray today.

I will update tomorrow once its dried out and had its final coat!

4 thoughts on “Vintage Storage Chest {Part 1}

  1. jai long

    I’ve got a few of these chest’s now. One is sitting at my front door for a place for my shoes, and another on the balcony for my tomato garden. Your right, it is a great find

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