Junk Shop

This weekend, I was lucky in that we had enough time to go rummaging for some old pieces for my already over cluttered space (you can never have enough trinkets right?!).

Saturday we went to a local car-boot sale (similar to a flea market). As were still in winter theres not many sellers apart from a hardened bunch that are there year round. In the past i’ve snapped up old books, jugs, pots and photos to name a few. Its also where we got our amazing £1 lamps from last year.

Any way only a few finds this week, im not entirely sure how old they are but they were pretty dusty!

A little Glass Pot

A blue air tight jar

Sunday rolled around and with not much to do after finishing of my old storage chest, we popped over to the junk shop I originally bought it from to see if there was anything else I could salvage. We saw an old four poster bed, so many chairs, bits and pieces and a vinyl rack I really wish I had picked up 😦

After being there for almost an hour trawling through mountains of furniture (you could quite possible furnish a house twice over) we came out laden with goodies!

I came out with….

2 large vintage suitcases and 1 smaller one

Vintage Whisk

Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket

All for the grand old price of £15! I’m super happy with the set of old suitcases, i’d been eyeing some up on eBay and these were a bargain compared! They now have a lovely home alongside the vinyl player. Im just looking out for some old wooden speakers to sit on either side now!

The laundry basket was for a family member, were hoping to spray and recover the top over the next couple of weeks.

Have you had any recent junk shop finds?

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