Icons – W.E – Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson. I had heard her name mentioned before but until I saw The Kings Speech over the christmas break I didn’t really know that much about her. The way in which she was portrayed in The Kings Speech made me think there must have been some distinguishing quality about her that led Prince Edward to abdicate the throne.

1927 - Image via http://www.stylist.co.uk

From what i’ve read and heard since then, she appalled the british public and caused a constitutional crisis. Madonna defended Wallis at the recent premier of her adaptation of their story this week…

“We’re uncomfortable with women who don’t fit the conventional archetype, she didn’t fit the mould, she was over 40, people didn’t get it, they didn’t know her and jumped to conclusions,”

Sometimes I think this is true, remember when lady GaGa first came on the scene (and Madonna before her)? She was mocked and ridiculed for so long by the media about how she dressed, yet when she speaks out people listen. Its been amazing to see the response she has had for her anti LGBT stance and her views on stopping bullying. To me this is the sign of a strong woman.

I read a great quote in the Guardian recently. After Edward abdicated, Wallis used fashion as a weapon against those that doubted them. Apparently she felt that she owed him, so was determined to be well dressed and presentable at all times. I’ve found a few images online and one thing thats struck me is how classic many of her outfits are, they wouldn’t look out of place today. Some of her favourite designers included Givenchy, Schiaparelli, Dior and Mainbocher. The latter being the designer of her wedding dress, this was said to be her most important outfit as she wanted to show the public what they missed by rejecting her.

Would she have been rejected by the public if this had happened in modern times? I dont think so.

I for one can not wait to see Madonnas adaptation of their love story, not only to learn more about this fascinating lady but to oogle at the beautiful clothing.

I dont think we will ever know if she was a gold digger as she has been portrayed or just the other half of a great love story nobody wanted to believe.

1936 - Image via http://www.stylist.co.uk

1960s - Image via http://www.stylist.co.uk

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