4 days in Paris {Day 2}

Day 2 of our trip to paris! Today we had a museum day, we explored the Louvre museum as well the Musée National d’Art Moderne.

I was excited to be finally visiting what is probably one of the most famous museums in the world. The glass pyramids are iconic (attendance has apparently doubled since they were finished!) so it was fantastic to finally see them up close. The Louvre is situated in the 1st arrondissement (district) alongside the river Siene. I dont think there could be a more perfect setting. It is surrounded by Tuileries Gardens which were breathtaking. We didn’t get to explore them as much as we wanted to which was a shame.

We were up early so we could get a good spot in the queue. We waited about 45 minutes before we could go inside. It was amazing to see so many people, from so many cultures, countries and speak so many different languages together. I suppose you dont need to speak the same language to appriciate art.

We saw, what is most probably the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa. It was very small! There was quite a crowd around it so it was more of a brief look. I think its where almost every visitor must head before looking elsewhere.

We saw some beautiful sculptures, egyptian artefacts (as well as going inside an actual tomb!), paintings and trinkets. It was also nice to spend the day inside because it was HOT!

After we spent the whole day inside the Louvre, we popped back to the apartment for something to eat and then headed out to Musée National d’Art Moderne.

As we are both under 25, we paid less for our tickets which were good. Although Paris was lovely, it was expensive!

I think this giant mushroom is one of my favourite things!!! If only I had somewhere to put one…..

3 thoughts on “4 days in Paris {Day 2}

    1. Erica Post author

      It was worth every penny! I would love to go back and see some of the countryside one day, I just need to brush up on my french first!

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