Recent Reading – Mockingjay

Im sad that im at the end of these books 😦 I think I get too emotional invested in characters!

I’ve been reading the Hunger Games trilogy for a few weeks now, i’ve already reviewed The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, it would be great to hear what you think if you’ve read them too!

***Please do not read any more!!! They will be spoilers!!***

Mockingjay is the final book in The Hunger Games triology. Katniss has been rescued from the 75th Hunger Games and is now safely in District 13. Peeta has been taken by the capitol and is being held by President Snow. The uprising is beginning and Katniss becomes the face of the rebellion, the Mockingjay.

Again there are multiple themes running throughout the book, Manipulation, Love, Warfare, Power and Courage. Most prevalent is manipulation. Katniss has been fighting manipulation by the capitol since the first book, but now not only is the capitol manipulating her, district 13 as well. Where as the capitol use physical and emotional manipulation, district 13 uses Katniss as a pawn to show their power using staged photo opportunities and propoganda videos.

Although love runs throughout the novels, in Mockingjay I think it reaches the conclusion thats its not always a boy-girl, love triangle type of love. It is love for your country, love for your friends, love for your people and love for your home. Warfare has been another theme that has ran through all three books, only this time it is not in confined environment such as the arena, everyone is experiencing the rebellion. Katniss and her allies are relying on the skills used in the arena to make their way through the capitol.

Power and courage. Power takes a lot of different forms here. There is the power District 13 and the Capitol hold over Katniss, the power over their citizens and the power Katniss holds as a symbol of hope, courage and rebellion. Courage appears through the characters choices and decisions. They all choose to fight against the capitol as well as all equally choosing to die for the fight as well. Peeta shows courage heading back into the capitol after weeks of torture and Katniss shows courage challenging Presidents Snow and Coin.

I wanted to talk about the one thing that really hit me when reading this. Although Katniss has been vulnerable throughout the first two books(in the sense of being at the Mercy of the Capitol), this book showed a different vulnerbility. Its really strange to say this but I think It hit me so badly as I knew exactly how she felt. Katniss was broken. Completely broken. Its the feeling of hitting rock bottom and not seeing a way out. Peeta and Katniss have been so dependent on each other throughout The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, then suddenly he is not there to tackle this with her. It goes back to them having that shared connection, Gale is taken with revenger and Haymitch with rebellion planning leaving her alone to face what is happening around her.

It reminds me of a quote from Titanic (just to throw another film in the mix!):

I feel as if I’m in a room screaming and no one even looks up

To me, this is the feeling of being broken.

When Peeta returned, I expected him to become her support again. It couldn’t have been more of an opposite. I was already a weeping mess relating to Katniss’s brokenness, so you can only imagine how weepy I was at this point! It wasn’t even that I wanted them to be together as a couple, it was the supporting role and their understanding and friendship not being there. The only other person who would understand your experiences has gone and is replaced by a completely different being. It really hit me hard! He was the balance to her ferociousness. There’s a saying that I heard somewhere along the lines of your other half not being the same as you, they should possess the qualities you don’t have so you make two halves of a whole. Otherwise you won’t learn from each other.

Although Gale tries to rekindle the connection they once shared, it would never be the same again. Peeta would always hang over her if he was alive or not.

I though Haymitchs character has really developed through all three books, he went from being isolated and withdrawn to having a shared connection with KAtniss and Peeta, although its not really mentioned in the book, it seems to be that connections that holds them together and draws him out of the downward spiral he had been in. In this book especially, it was Haymitch that supported Katniss when Peeta was being tortured as they both cared a lot about him. I thought it was really touching that after Katniss realised it was Coin that killed Prim, he realised he shouldn’t have mocked her and went after her. Even though he mocked her, he went after her which I think shows a lot about his character and how he has changed.

Friendships, trust and courage, things I think we need alot more of in the world.

I thought that it was a brilliant ending to the trilogy. Its been a really enjoyable few weeks falling into the world of Panem. I’m promise I will get better at ‘reviewing’, it’s just hard to keep your feelings out of it. I’m impressed if you’ve made it to the end of this rambling, emotionally unstable review! I would love to hear your thoughts on this, how did you find this book?

To finish…a song that I think would fit perfectly!


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