Victory Sweater Pattern

Victory Sweater

Quite a while ago, I came across this beautiful free vintage pattern online at the Victoria and Albert Museum (After reading a great post by Fifties Fever!). Im not really a knitter, I once tried to knit a jelly baby figure and it came out with a lop sided square head! Anyhoo, my nana is a brilliant knitter and offered to knit one for me!

Isn’t it lovely!

And here it is, she did a great job!

It has been taken down now but im sure you will be able to find the pattern somewhere else online, I will dig through my files and see if I still have it.  If you would like to try this pattern out for yourself you can find it for free here or here! I would love to see your versions!

Theres just something lovely about hand knitted items, you know how much time and effort has gone into them.

They’re not as disposable as some items today and have a great story behind them!


20120125-084601 PM.jpg

20120125-084607 PM.jpg

20120128-114847 AM.jpg

20120128-114856 AM.jpg

10 thoughts on “Victory Sweater

  1. hellomistermagpie

    Hi Erica! Thanks for visiting hellomistermagpie, glad you liked my blog! I love this jumper…really great colours & pattern. Let me know if you find the pattern, I’d love to try knitting it! 🙂

    1. Erica Post author

      After some swift googling I have found it! It had been taken down (they re vamped the Victoria and Albert website) so I will update the post with the link to it.
      I would love to see your version!

    1. Erica Post author

      Im so thankful that I had a grandparent that could knit! I really want to pick it up again, it seems people are knitting less and less today which is a shame!

    1. Erica Post author

      It’s definitely a skill!!
      I just kept dropping stitches here and picking some up there so my attempt was also a slight disaster!
      I have a feeling it would also take me a very long time to make something that I would be able to wear!


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