Paper Flower Wheels

Paper Flower Wheels

After seeing some beautiful paper flower wheels last week on Pinterest, we decided they would be a nice thing to attempt this weekend (I always like a crafty challenge!). Along with a little helper, we spent our Sunday afternoon attempting to make some.

Things we used:

  • Patterned paper
  • Super Glue (or a glue gun)
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Buttons
  • Kebab sticks
  • Guillotine
  • Ruler
To start with, we cut some strips of patterned paper into roughly 1 inch wide lengths (We found that the wider you cut the strips, the harder it was to turn them inside out later on!).
After cutting the strips, we scored along the paper, at 1 cm intervals using the scissors and a ruler. We were pretty lucky as the guillotine had 1cm markings already on it but you could just mark it out using a pencil.

20120129-054712 PM.jpg

After scoring the paper, we folded it back and forth until we had an accordion shape going on. Scoring the paper beforehand made it a lot easier to fold and also made sure all of our sides were the same distance apart.

20120129-054725 PM.jpg

20120129-054814 PM.jpg

My little helped showing off her fancy paper!

Once we had our accordion shapes, we used a little PVA glue to secure both ends together. We tried to hide any other flaps beneath the folds of the paper.

20120129-054736 PM.jpg

After letting the glue dry, you fold it back on itself. Its a little hard to explain (I might make a video!), but if you gather it together (see below image) at the top, you can press down so the bottom fans out.

20120129-054748 PM.jpg

Once it had began to flatten down, we used some more PVA glue to stick the middle together. We found that using to much PVA made them go a little soggy. If it didn’t stick, we resorted to the powerful stuff…..the super glue to hold it all together! We also placed some cups on top of them to hold them down whilst they dried.

20120129-054755 PM.jpg

For the inside of the flowers, we found some old pretty buttons. We tied tread and twine to some to create bows.

20120129-054837 PM.jpg

After they had dried, we stuck on the buttons using the superglue and attached the kebab sticks to the back of the flowers.

20120129-054823 PM.jpg

How pretty! Im going to stick mine in an old vase I have , my little helper hasnt quite decided where hers are going yet…I think she just like looking at them for now!

You could put them in a vase like I will, or you could use them….

  • In a cake
  • In with dried flowers
  • On a card (without the stick)
  • In cocktails

20120129-054917 PM.jpg

Best of all….they won’t wilt and die 🙂


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