My Fictional Bucket List (1 – 6)

Ive been working for a couple of days now on a real guilty pleasure….my fictional bucket list!

I saw on Pinterest that someone else had started one and thought what a fab idea! Although I may never actually HAVE tea with the mad hatter, a girl can dream huh?!

Any way heres a few of my ideas so far….

1. Play hide and seek with the Pevensies

This would be the ultimate hide and seek! Who would not want to adventure into Narnia?! Talking badgers, trees that talk and a crazy witch to take down!

2. Have tea and cake with Sherlock and Watson

He is the man of the moment after all! I would ask him some highly inteligent questions about science and nature, ask him to tell me some amazing facts that I didnt know, where Watson shopped (as he is always very smartly dressed!) and most importantly how he survived that fall!

3. Sail down the river Audiun with the fellowship

Possibly one of the greatest journeys ever known…..the journey to Mordor. Who wouldn’t want to be apart of that?

It looks so spookily real…..i’m pretty sure this must exist somewhere!

4. Do the time warp at the Annual Transylvanian Convention (Rocky Horror!)

This looks too much fun to not want to be apart of this. This dance routine has been a pretty much permant fixture thoughout my life, at birthday parties, reunions, school discos and the odd wedding. It. Is. The. Best.

When I first went of to uni, I did get a lot of blank stares when I brought up this routine, turns out no one had heard of it – the horror! So this makes my bucket list as it would be so amazingly strange to do this routine with the pros. In a costume. In a castle. At the Annual Transylvanian Convention.

5. Make Emma wear a helmet (One Day)

This book is so sad, I wept reading this and in my sadness blurted out the ended to my boyfriend who wasn’t very pleased. I was just emotional! I couldn’t help it! If you’ve read the book you will understand this one – Although its very good cycle safety advice all the same.

6. Go on an adventure with the Doctor

Pretty self explanatory, I wouldn’t come back. Matt Smith or the Doctor, I would tie myself to that TARDIS and not leave!

But failing that an adventure would be pretty special!

Anyway theres a snipet of my list so far!

Im sure i’ll add to it ALOT of the next few days, it gets a little addictive planning this you wont do (although im holding out for the doctor and maybe even that time warp dance).

You can follow it here if you are a Pinterest member, if you’re not on Pinterest yet and would like to be let me know and ill send an invite!

What would be on your fictional bucket list?

8 thoughts on “My Fictional Bucket List (1 – 6)

  1. Cultural Life

    Cool idea!

    #1 at the moment for me would be to go hiking with Katniss (from the Hunger Games) and bake bread with Peeta (also from The Hunger Games).
    I’m slightly obsessed with HG right now. 😀

    1. Erica Post author

      Fab idea!!! If only 🙂
      I think i’m going to make the fictional bucket list a regular thing – its getting addictive thinking of all the parts of movies you would like to be in!
      I have Katniss and Peeta on here but saved up for another post 🙂 Looking forward to March!!!

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