A Day Out With A Very Cute Puppy!

Last summer I was asked to ‘dog sit’ my aunties dog, a cocker spaniel called ‘Smudge’!

I ‘ have any kiddos so I essential treated him like a little person for the whole two weeks – he was spoilt rotten!

We didn’t have that many sunny days last summer, living in Cumbria you get used to the rain! So on a nice day, my other half and I took Smudge on a bit of a day trip. I packed him up a travel bag (doggy treats, poop bags, water bowl and some water) and off we went!

I got so excited about taking him out I even called the castle before I went to check he was allowed in!

Here’s some photos from our day. We ventured to Broom Castle, Penrith. It was beautiful!

You can find out more about Brougham Castle here.

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