Vintage Shop – Ruby Blue Vintage

I thought I would share with you a vintage shop that is an absolute treasure trove of goodies!

Ruby Blue Vintage is in Carlisle, UK. When I first moved to Carlisle a few years ago one of the first things I did was google local vintage shops and up popped Ruby Blue! Not being very good at finding my way around Carlisle (I still get lost now!) it took a few trips to work out exactly where I was going, but some tips from my nana pointed me in the right direction.

It is owned by the kindest man, he is always so helpful and has some fantastic pieces in stock!

Last year I read that Ruby Blue was closing, how could this be! One of the best little shops in Carlisle!

Since then Ruby Blue has a new home in Carlisle Antiques Centre. And what a lovely home it is! It feels like walking into a film set. It is arranged with a lot of ‘mini’ shops inside the main building. All of the shops were crafted by hand according to the lady I spoke to. They were all made using traditional building methods which makes it even more impressive!

I took along my cousin one weekend, she’s 10 years old and my love of vintage pieces is rubbing off on her! She was very excited to be coming along with me and browsing after years of me bringing home beautiful bits and pieces and having told her so much about Ruby Blue.

I love everything about this photo (Although maybe not the fur as a vegetarian!). Im hoping the hat on the mannequin is still around next time I visit, I regret not purchasing it now!

Its clear that this is more than a hobby, a lot of time and affection must go into selecting items and displaying everything is such a wonderful way. If you’re lucky enough to spot them, some items were even owned by the gentleman’s mother (She had great taste)!

Everything is reasonably priced which is another reason why I love this little place. I once bought a vintage lampshade for £9 (I think it was £9!) that was a complete steal, it still sits proudly on a lamp base that was one of my parents wedding gifts.

So many sewing patterns! If only I had more time….

Spoilt for choice with all of the beautiful handbags, purses and other accessories! I daren’t buy another handbag….I seem to transfer only half of my ‘handbag junk’ and find the other half years later.

If I could find a use for this I would 🙂 It is the loveliest little thing!

We had a lovely morning perusing Ruby Blue’s wares! I treated myself to some lovely 1950’s sunglasses – photo to appear when the weather is slightly more sunny!

If you’re ever in Carlisle you must stop by and have a look – I promise you wont leave empty handed! This is a great little place and a real asset to Carlisle!

You can keep up to date with Ruby Blue’s blog here

You can make friends with Ruby Blue here

You can like Carlisle Antique Centre here

7 thoughts on “Vintage Shop – Ruby Blue Vintage

    1. Erica Post author

      It is lovely 🙂 A real treat! Its always nice shopping somewhere where you can tell it really means a lot to someone – a lot of time and dedication put into this lovely little place!


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