So I’m Ginger

My great grandad was. My dad is. And ive always been ‘sort of’.

Yes….we’re ginger! Ok i’ll admit i’m not 100% real ginger…..its with the help of a very skilled hairdresser.

My hair colouring journey began when I was at university. It had always naturally been a blonde/ginger/brown colour (It always looked different in different lights) and I had never properly coloured it all over before.

I did have a few ‘experiences’ with hair colours in my teens, once when I tried to dye just the tips a pink colour (I think a member of Steps had theirs like that…) and once when I went for brown streaks and could tell no difference, no difference at all. I also have had quite a few experiences with fringes (bangs). It usually goes something like this…do I have them…when will it grow out…I want one again…I hate it… Im just never happy with or without a fringe but thats another story.

So I took the plunge and went all out for my first colour experience – dark brown. A very big jump from the natural colour. Im not going to lie, it was a shock. I looked like death! I was adamant that it would not have any ‘red’ in it at all and went for the coldest brown colour I could find. So I looked like a member of the walking dead for a while.

I became increasingly paranoid that it was constantly fading and at one stage self diagnosed my hair as just not taking to hair colour in anyway. So the brown stayed with force for quite a while, mainly as I kept re-dying it. Our shower looked like a murder scene.

Since then I have gone back to blonde, then back to brown then to my current colour – Ginger!

So I finally embraced the constant tint of ginger my hair had always had. And also the constant presence of Amy Pond/Karen Gillan making ginger look so good. Gingers get a bad rep but I did hear something very interesting today….apparently the ancient greeks believed that when people with ginger hair died, they came back as vampires. Pretty cool.

The road to ginger wasn’t quite that easy though. My first ginger colour was to put it mildly BRIGHT ginger. I looked like a traffic cone. Thankfully, after a few more visits to the hairdressers I am embracing my gingerness and it has been toned down slightly!

So after my visit to the hairdressers today I look like this! Photos taken by my fab sister (

20120211-103546 PM.jpg

I even went and got a fringe again, something I will probably regret in less than 24 hours and then promptly spend the next 6 months growing it out. Probably to get it cut in again.

Anyway, that is my hair!

20120211-103553 PM.jpg

20120211-103605 PM.jpg

20120211-103617 PM.jpg

20120211-103634 PM.jpg

8 thoughts on “So I’m Ginger

  1. Betty Amazing

    It’s lovely! I used to dye mine ginger (I’m dark brown naturally) but it doesn’t seem to take any more!

    The fringe is adorable, too! x

    1. Erica Post author

      Thank you so much 🙂

      I had the same problem – I ended up just re dying it every couple of weeks because I thought it was fading. Looking back it probably wasn’t the best choice for my hair!

      Almost a week in and i’m still in love with the fringe! x

      1. Betty Amazing

        I’m glad you still like it! They can be a big decision 🙂
        I recently cropped my hair to chop out all of the damage I’d done to it through over-dying… although now there’s not a thousand layers of dye in there I’m quite excited about the colours it’ll take now! x

  2. Curious Commenter

    Do you know the name of the dye your hairdresser used? Your hair looks great, and I’ve been thinking of dying my hair Amy Pond red the way you did.

    1. Erica Post author

      At first I had it done by the hairdressers but because it had a slight hint of red in the dye my hair just stopped absorbing the dye and it ran everywhere (If you google Carrie that is what I looked like everytime it rained!!) so I started doing it myself.
      I’ve been using one from Superdrug ( Also chose this colour as Karen Gillan tweeted about it once haha!!
      Good luck and hope it turns out ok! Let me know if you post pics of it 🙂 Amy Pond hair is the best!!


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