Some Things I Love Right Now

In order to break from the regular valentines traditions a little bit I thought that rather than posting about the person I love, I would share some things that I love right now.

Things that shouldn’t have faces that do have faces

20120214-084017 PM.jpg

It just makes me smile. I also half expect them to have a muppet pop out (a la Muppets Christmas Carol!). This was my door handle last weekend, its been very cold and the poor handle looks like it could do with a hankie.

Strange uses for things

This photo makes me so happy!! You can never have too many tea pots. Everyone likes tea.

Pretty Collars

More and more I find myself choosing clothing based on if it has a collar or not. Collars are a must.


Im about to move house and im pretty sure i’ve found it already. This house had a neighbour whose garden was completely filled with gnomes! Im tempted to snap this one up right away just based on the gnomes.


This film completely blew me away. A must watch if you haven’t already. I like listening to the soundtrack when i’m driving now – I feel like a total badass!


Cant believe i’ve only just bought her album. A beautiful voice and amazing for someone who is only 15. Her version of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love is outstanding.

Well these are a few of my ‘loves’ right now, what are yours?

A beautiful voice

7 thoughts on “Some Things I Love Right Now

    1. Erica Post author

      I’ve seen another post somewhere where they grew vegetables out of their old tea pots – I will have a hunt around for it and let you know!
      Its such a great idea 🙂


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