The Greats Of The Next Generation?

This weekend, another legendary singer has passed away leaving behind a music legacy that has (and will) inspired many singers and songwriters for generations to come.

Whitney Houston, inspiring artists such as Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Mary J Blige, has set a standard so high that today others are still trying to reach it. Kelly Rowland said “We lost our hero … I hope she knows how much she impacted, not just music, but the world.”

The past decade or so has seen other musical greats leave us too soon, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and now Whitney Houston.

It got me thinking about which artists emerging today will be the inspiration for the next generations of musicians.

So in order to fully research this post I quizzed two of my very favourite people about their musical tastes and who they thought they would look back on and remember when they are old and wrinkly! They are tiny, well under 12, so please dont judge their taste too much, they are choosing people in the charts today and people that they like. They are 9 (E) and 11 (N)!

I’ve put some of my thoughts in there too, although they’re not as thought provoking as some of the little peoples responses!


The moment she sung ‘Someone like you’ at the Brit Awards you could feel everyone fall silent. Even here at home we just stopped and listed, it was a breathtaking performance. She’s not your conventional star and I think she will inspire many young people to ‘keep it classy’. You dont need to be half naked all the time to sell a record. – Erica

‘She has a sad voice but her songs are really addictive’ – E

‘She does sad songs but takes it from her own experience, it comes from her heart’ – N

Lady Gaga

Another lady you can’t escape! I think she’s great. Although many wont rate her music, she is without a doubt one of the most high profile musicians of the past couple of years. She has an army of fans and is constantly reaching out to her ‘Little Monsters’. She is the modern day madonna (at least for the younger generation) and isn’t afraid to challenge the norms of our society. She isn’t afraid to speak out against prejudices that are still going on and use her star quality to benefit those without a voice. Her sound and outrageous costumes are instantly recognisable. When I was younger we had the ‘girl power’ spice girls era, I think she is the new ‘power’ era. You cant deny that she will have a huge influence on musicians to come! – Erica

‘Shes got her own style and inspires others. If she wasnt alive all of the styles would be dull’ – E

‘She doesn’t care what she wears, she inspires you to be different so you can wear what ever you want’ – N

‘You can be who you are’ – N


Possibly not an obvious choice but the Glee series is watched my squillions of tweens all over the world and they cover songs from The Beatles to Madonna. You can’t deny that they have influence. Every other week a song has made a comeback because of Glee. How many young people would know the words to ‘Dont stop believin’ if it hadn’t been for them? – Erica

‘They’re all different, different singing voices and backgrounds and all come together’ – N

‘Normally bands are all the same, this one everyone has a different thing and a different voice so its a good combination’ – E

Ed Sheeran

Just a young guy and a guitar. What could be better? He worked his way up from the bottom. I wonder how many young people have picked up a guitar because of him? I also have a massive soft spot for him as he’s a fellow ginge. – Erica

Tinie Tempah

He’s made a name for himself, like Ed Sheeran, from the bottom up. He’s worked hard to get to where he is today and has literally burst onto the music scene. I think he’s a great role model for all young guys (or girls!) showing the value of hard work and determination – Erica

Florence and the Machine

‘She unique, she different’ – E

‘Shes quite old and normally its younger singers. It proves ages doesnt matter’ – E (Sorry Florence – these guys are tiny so anyone over 12 is old to them, you’re young and beautiful!)

‘Every singer doesnt get the chance to be an undertaker before they were singers’ – N (One of the best responses ever!)

I could just listen to her voice all day, its so beautiful. She’s bringing the hippy, earth mother vibe back to a new generation. – Erica

Jessie J

‘She raps and rappings not just for boys, she proves its for girls too’. E

The new girl power?! Its interesting because as I grew up we just had the Spice Girls reaching out to tweens telling us to stand up for ourselves whereas now most musicians that appeal to younger audiences are all hammering home the same message. How great is that! – Erica

Laura Marling

‘She has different songs, not like the others’ – N

‘You go to a different world in her songs, Its like dreaming’ – E

Katy Perry

‘She puts her feelings into her songs’ N

Very ‘poppy’ but not afraid to be different. She’s had so many number ones with her latest album she must be a candidate here! – Erica

Michael Jackson

‘Great Rhythm’ – N

‘Boys dont usually sing and dance at the same time but he did’ – E

I didn’t expect them to pick MJ, especially as I had already said they must be alive today. Just proves theres no stopping MJ! He will always be a great even if he’s not here to share it, his legacy is always going to be present – Erica

Is there anyone here I that wasn’t mentioned?

Who are your musical legends?

5 thoughts on “The Greats Of The Next Generation?

  1. tearoomdelights

    An interesting mix of choices. I think both Adele and Lady Gaga have amazing voices, as did the late great Amy Winehouse. In terms of their voices, just off the top of my head, I would choose Freddie Mercury, whose range and control was just incredible, Alison Moyet (I wasn’t a particular fan of her music but I loved her voice) and Michael Buble, who makes me (and millions of others) melt.

    1. Erica Post author

      I love Feddie too, His voice and the one and only Johnny Cash just make me melt!
      We had a great moment recently when the 11 yr old had some friends round and I mentioned to them it was the anniversary of Freddie’s death. I got blank stares from them all. My cousin then broke out singing ‘I want to break free’. One of the greatest moments!

  2. His Fashion Blog

    They are all great. Vocals wise, or for me anyway, no one (as of right now) tops Lady Gaga. The rest of the (current) pop divas are overrated. I’ve been to many shows in the past couple of years, and the only one that was NOT lip syncing was Lady Gaga, let alone how great her vocals are.

    Interesting list all in all.

    1. Erica Post author

      I always find it disappointing when a singer doesn’t sing live!
      Lady GaGa is going to be around for a very long time, she deserves her success!


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