Dog + Glasses = Chewed Mess and Blindness

Yesterday was pretty rubbish.

Our dog ate my glasses. One minute they were on the table, next he was sat on them half chewed in his doggy bed. If you have glasses you will be familiar with the panic that then went through me – ‘How the hell am I going to see’.

20120215-085658 PM.jpg

Now Smudge, our dog, is a very cheeky guy. He’s almost 3 now so you would have thought he would have out grown this stage but no. He just likes to chew – especially things that belong to me! My aunty sent me texts throughout the day from a very ‘repentant smudge’ which did make me crack a smile.

Here he is looking like Sherlock – you just cant be mad with this right?!

20120215-085723 PM.jpg

Smudge isn’t *technically* my dog, he’s my aunties. I’ve posted about him a few times now and he is a cutie so you can never grumble at him for long. Although I didn’t think that when I had to pay an obscene amount for another pair!

I braved the cumbria gales this afternoon and ventured back over to Specsavers to try to get another pair. My glasses weren’t expensive I just loved the style of them. The helpful Specsavers man broke the news to me that they didn’t even make that style anymore! Grrrrr. So anyway now I have 2 pairs (buy one get one free!) on their way to me. Im probably going to be a little bitter about them because they’re not my old ones but hey-ho.

So now I have no glasses until Saturday. Its chaos. I cant see, watch tv, drive or even walk without falling over myself.




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