Weekend Walks, Sniffles and Glasses

This weekend has been a mixed bag of activities!

Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday and parts of Saturday I was laid up in bed with a flu like bug (Lovely!) so didn’t get up to much. Im not very good at being sick, I usually make myself worse by thinking I will ‘be ok’ so plod on with tasks. This time I was hit with what felt like a ton of bricks and couldn’t open my eyes, move or breath without germs going everywhere. Nice…

I still couldn’t see due to my glasses being eaten by the dog so I couldnt even watch tv or a film to keep me entertained!

My sister came to visit on Saturday which was nice! We live so far apart so its lovely when we actually get to spend time together. Even if i’ve sent her home with my yucky bug!

Once I perked up on Saturday we ventured out to pick up my new glasses (Hurrah!!!). I dont know if its because they’re new but everything is looking a little spherical! I though our sink was on a bit of a slant at one point….maybe they just take a little getting used too.

We made a quick visit to the junk shop (post to follow in a few days!) and picked up a few gems.

Saturday night we had a family game of Cluedo, I haven’t played Cluedo in years! Pleased to say I won one game – it was Bart Simpson, in The Androids Dungeon with the extendo glove! It wasn’t ordinary cluedo.

Sunday I really wanted some fresh air to get the last of this bug out of my system. So we wrapped up warm and we ventured out.

We took 2 little people with us and a forgiven dog (After the glasses saga…he apologised).

Heres some photos from a lovely Cumbrian sunday.

Well i’m glad that week was over – heres hoping this week is a little better *Grabbing pine table for luck!*

5 thoughts on “Weekend Walks, Sniffles and Glasses

  1. tearoomdelights

    I love your pictures and am glad to hear you’re on the mend, that fresh air must have done you good. I’m looking forward to your junk shop finds! 🙂 By the way, I’m still dreaming about that cake you made with the Smarites and Kit-Kats…..

    1. Erica Post author

      We’re still getting through it!! It was very yummy – someone suggested today using Flakes instead of Kit Kats which i’m intrigued about trying!
      Feeling a lot better now thank you, although it might not have seemed like it at the time the fresh air did a world of good!

          1. tearoomdelights

            You can always find a reason for more cake! I was thinking about the flakes this morning and wondering why I’ve never crushed them up and used them as a cake topping before (possibly because they wouldn’t make it as far as the cake), I must do that some time.


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