4 days in Paris {Day 3}

Its been a while since I finished posting my photos from our Paris trip!

Day three we finished off our sightseeing endeavours and toured around the famous Notre Damn Cathedral, Moulin Rouge and Sacre Coeur.

It was completely breath taking.

We went extra early so as we could queue up to walk the towers. Im so glad we did as we got up close to some beautiful (and a little scary!) gargoyles. I expected Quasimodo to pop out! Going up the tower and seeing the gargoyles that close was definitely one of those life time experiences that just must be done. It was worth the 2 hours of waiting before hand! We climbed up little winding stair cases, there must have been ver 100 steps! I now would like and future home to be covered in gargoyles!

After Notre Damn, we travelled over to Montmartre to visit to Moulin Rouge and the Sacre Coeur.

I was a little disappointed in the Moulin Rouge. It just wasn’t how I imagined it to be, it was surrounded by sex shops and street sellers that constantly tried to get to you take part in tricks or to sign up for something. At one point one of the sellers became agressive when they tried to grab Grants shoulder to stop him walking off. We also encountered many of the clip board wielding women. Shoving clip boards in your face and following you. I dont think its fair how hounded you are but theres not much you can do about it, even if it scared the hell out of me! It really put me off going back but I suppose its people just trying to make a living too.

The Sacre Cour was breath taking. In both senses, it was beautiful and it was an absolutely massive hill to climb up to it.

I hope you enjoy to photos, we had a great day!

You can catch up on Paris Day One here and Paris Day Two here


7 thoughts on “4 days in Paris {Day 3}

  1. tearoomdelights

    Lovely photos, I can understand your fascination with the gargoyles. Do you ever read Terry Pratchett? He has a very interesting idea about the lives of Gargoyles in his Discworld books.

    1. Erica Post author

      No I haven’t – I will have to have a read, it sounds interesting!
      Growing up Disney also gave me a good look into a Gargoyles life 🙂

        1. Erica Post author

          They were in the Hunchback of Notre Dame 🙂 I never knew there was so much about Gargoyles, I think i’m definitely going to have to read this!


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