I Believe In Learning Something New

I love learning. Im not talking about capital cities or languages, but learning skills, crafts or just something new and a little different.

Over the years i’ve dabbled in a few things here and there…..such as running (One I probably should have kept up), dress making, knitting and even nail art (A personal favorite!). I just like to learn! What is life if we dont learn new things?!

Well to continue on my journey of learning I decided this weekend that I would like to learn to crochet with the goal of making a blanket!

I had crocheted briefly as a child, very very briefly! It was probably not long after I tried and failed at knitting. So off I went today to our local craft shop to purchase a crochet needle, some wool and some good luck! I also came away with a pack of creme eggs….to keep my spirits up as i’m battling crochet demons.

20120224-102412 PM.jpg

After a couple of hours googling and scratching my head, here is a mighty fine attempt at a small rectangle!

20120224-102419 PM.jpg

And a not so mighty attempt at a flower/star/circle shape. I freehanded this one!

20120224-102428 PM.jpg

20120224-102432 PM.jpg

Well wish me luck!

Hopefully we will see a blanket appear in the next year!!

I already know what my next project will be….a patchwork quilt!

2 thoughts on “I Believe In Learning Something New

  1. tearoomdelights

    Well done with your crocheting, it’s far better than I could do. I’m sure the Creme Eggs will help you on your knitting journey. I look forward to the patchwork quilt, and perhaps some more nail art? The strawberries were wonderful!

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