A Saturday In Manchester’s Northern Quarter

After my semi successful attempt at crochet last night, what better way to treat myself than to pop into Manchester to browse the northern quarter! Manchester’s northern quarter is filled with everything from vintage to record shops!

We were heading towards Manchester as my sister had been offered copies of last years Vogue and Elle magazines. She’s been doing some great work with them, if have a spare few minutes you can have a peek at some of her work here.

Manchesters Northern quarter is located between Piccadilly, Victoria and Ancoats. It is centred around Oldham Street, just off Piccadilly Gardens. Previously, the Northern quarter was home to cotton mills and the textile industry. The northern quarter has a real bohemian, indie feel to it. Many of the buildings have the large glass windows that only add the the historic industrial feel.

The shops here at some of my most favourite. Theres a good mixture of vintage, charity, record and geeky shops to keep me entertained for an hour or two!

Heres some photos from our day.

I’m convinced this looks like Fearne Cotton (From BBC Radio 1), Grant thought it looked like a lady from Thunder Cats. Either way its stunning!

Afflecks Palace, this used to be a department store. Now its home to individual shops and sellers selling everything from new and vintage clothing to nick nacks. You can find out more about Aflecks here, its been a fixture of the northern quarter now for many years and was badly damaged during the riots last year.

My sister and Grant!

Our first stop was Piccadilly Records. You can find pretty much every genre of music in here! With a great selection of both vinyl and CDs, you could easily loose a few hours browsing the rows. Last time I came here was for record store day early last year, we queued up for around 4 hours!!! They have some really friendly staff and promote local gigs as well. Well worth a visit!

If only I had a window big enough…

Next stop was Forbidden Planet. A heaven for comic book, anime, manga and sci-fi lovers. Theres everything from comic books, figures to cut outs.

On our way we spotted this little sign in a window! I love it when little events like this pop up unexpectedly! Although I didn’t get anything, there were many lovely things on offer.

One of the best vintage shops, Ryans Vintage. There’s rows upon rows of items here. Everything from dresses, shirts, shoes to coats, furniture and accessories. They have the biggest collection of handbags i’ve ever seen! I purchased a lovely little dress from here but i’m going to post about that separately along with some of the other bits and pieces i’ve come across lately. This post is already a little too image heavy!

Magma books, they stock a great collection of books, magazines and little nick nacks. Always a pleasure to visit!

I have the little listography book and the ‘My Life Story’ book (lower left). I really need to get completing them!

I almost bought this book – how cute is this?!

When I have kiddos, these are the books I imagine them reading. Not your run of the mill books!

Since we last came here, a lomography shop has sprung up! I don’t use my lomo camera as much as I would like to and feel guilty every time I see it. A lomo camera is an analogue camera that uses good old film!

Grant needed some new shoes so we went to Note Skateshop. He came out with some new tees for skating and a bruised ego when I made a *tiny* joke about him wanting some spending money. Didnt not go down too well!

I did get a little too excited when I spotted this….its almost my name! If you just remove a few of the letters…

We went into a new shop we spotted today, a little old book shop. It was just outside of the MEN and Arndale Centre.I forget its name so will put it on my list of things to look up. It had thousands of books, comics and even a few CDs in there. Wondering around, it must have been a family run shop as we came across a family having a lunch! They had a kitchen and dining room in one area of the shop and from the smell, a lovely lunch!

That in a nut shell was my day! Hope you enjoyed the photos! The Northern quarter is a great place to explore if you ever get the chance.

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