An Oxfam Delight

On my trip to Manchester‘s fabulous Northern Quarter last weekend I purchased these Coca Cola glasses from Oxfam. They were only £3.99 for 8, so I just couldn’t say no!

I love browsing Oxfam, you can find so many amazing bargains! Whilst in Manchester, Topshop had donated a lot of items as well as coming across dresses from Urban Outfitters and Miss Selfridge. I plan on regularly stalking the charity shops of Carlisle and Penrith over the next few weeks for little bits and pieces for the big house move!

And its all for a good cause!

I have no idea how old they are, although i’m guessing they are probably quite new. Coca Cola runs a lot of collaborations with McDonalds so they are probably from there!

When I finally move into my new little place, I would love a country/retro style kitchen. I have my heart set on a SMEG fridge!

They looked great and the money went to a great cause. A win win situation!

p.s…. Theres no fictional bucket list today, i feel as if i’m running out of inspiration! It will return in a few weeks once i’ve got my inspiration back. You can still look through some past posts here.

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