Antique and Collectables Emporium!

Last weekend (its taken a while to be able to sit and write this!) I ventured out to an Antiques and Collectables Emporium. Needless to say, I was excited about going!

Unfortunately I didn’t come away with anything. Heres a few photos from our trip –

Im seeing so many delightful typewriters at the moment – possibly a sign to invest in one?!

I posted this photo on Instagram a few day ago (LornaΒ –Β This was a real treat to rummage through!), I love old crockery! Im trying to put together a collection of old patterns and designs, rather than buying a plain matching set! So far its not going too well – im getting a little too picky about patterns!

Little old tins like this are so useful! I have quite a few already so held back on getting some more. I currently put bits and pieces, such as hair pins and make up, in the ones I have now.

What a great design! You just dont see patterns like this now.

I spotted these fantastic playboy plates and immediately thought of the amazing writer behind I Want To Be A Pin-Up! (Please check her out if you haven’t already!)

8 thoughts on “Antique and Collectables Emporium!

  1. theotherwatson

    That place looks amazing. I love the ship in the bottle, and the typewriter. Typewriters have seemingly become more abundant lately, which is definitely something I want to try and take advantage of when I get a chance. πŸ™‚


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