I love a novelty jumper

This weekend I got a very special present – a new novelty jumper!

Unfortunately it didn’t fit its intended owner and conveniently it fit me perfectly (Hurray!)

Behold …… Spiderman!!

20120305-090503 PM.jpg

I LOVE a novelty jumper – christmas, spotted, nautical, animals….. I love them. I dont think we wear enough of them.

Wearing my geek chic jumper with pride 🙂

6 thoughts on “I love a novelty jumper

  1. IWantToBeAPinUp

    I had a Take That T-Shirt. Then I grew up, they broke up ad I threw it out. I should’ve held on to it. It would have been vintage by now 🙂
    BTW I love how Spiderman’s butt is aimed straight at the jumper wearers’ face 😉
    It really is cute!


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