What’s in a name?

This post may seem a little strange-it’s one of my general rambling posts that doesn’t quite fit into a category!

My name is Erica and has been since I was born. My family call me Erica, friends call me Erica and work calls me Erica. It’s just the postman that knows me as ‘the girl that orders too many parcels’!

I was named after my grandad. He was called Eric and lived to the ripe old age of…..
He passed away a few weeks before I was born so it was fitting for me to be named after him.

Growing up I always thought my name was a little strange. I never met anyone with the same name until much later on. One of my biggest childhood nightmares was that it was impossible to get any sort of stationary product with my name on!

I’ve only ever met a handful of other people called Erica. I spent a year working in a call centre whilst at university and took a call from a fellow Erica – we both were shocked we had found another!
Sometimes I find it odd that that is in fact my name; I look in the mirror and don’t always feel like an Erica! But then I’m not entirely sure what an Erica would feel like, for example am I different from a Katy or a Louise?! Would I have turned out completely different?!

7 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Johanna Bradley

    I suffer from a split personality! I was christened Johanna Janice and was always known as Janice, which was my Mum’s choice, at school. The family on Dad’s side still call me Jan but somewhere along the line I mysteriously transitioned into Johanna or Jo. This gets even more complicated when I bring the Polish family into the equation and I become Joasiu.

    In my head I’m a Johanna (I think!)

    1. Erica Post author

      My boyfriend is the same – his middle name is used by everyone rather than his first name! I didn’t even realise that it wasn’t his actual name for quite a while!

      How confusing are names!!!


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