Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 25.03.2012

Sorry i’ve completely fallen behind on my regular sunday postings too – i’m being a bad bad blogger lately!

Here’s a few things that I hope will brighten your Sunday 🙂

Source: via Erica on Pinterest

Source: via Erica on Pinterest

Source: via Erica on Pinterest

11 thoughts on “Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 25.03.2012

  1. restlessjo

    Keep meaning to get started on Pinterest but never find the time. I gather it’s a total time consumer so maybe it’s just as well.

    When you start out blogging I guess you’re super keen but the interest must wane sometime musn’t it? And life does have a habit of getting in the way. Gave myself the day off today as we have family here from Canada and I was socialising instead of cooking- yippee!

    1. Erica Post author

      Sometimes I feel as if I dont have enough ‘interesting’ things to write about!

      Yes we all deserve a day off on a Sunday 🙂 Hope you had a lovely day!

      ps….if you want a pinterest invite let me know and ill sent one to you! Its still invite only at the moment!

      1. restlessjo

        Thanks Erica, that’s very kind- I think I have one. I’m just too lazy/busy (whichever you like) to do anything with it, and new techie things always confuse me. Will come back to you if I need to- thanks again.


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