Recent Reading – Camilla – Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

***** Spoilers!!! I will be discussing the plot!!! Please do not read anymore if you do not want to know *****

I started to read this book after a review I read on Gil Ts Pleasures blog, supernatural books are right up my street! It was written in 1872, around 25 years before Dracula, making it one of the first mainstream vampire stories to be published. Heres a little run down of what its all about thanks to trusty Wikipedia:

The story is presented by Le Fanu as part of the casebook of Dr Hesselius, whose departures from medical orthodoxy rank him as the first occult doctor in literature. The story is narrated by Laura, one of the two main protagonists of the tale.

Laura begins her tale by relating her childhood in a “picturesque and solitary” castle in the midst of an extensive forest in Styria where she lives with her father, a wealthy English widower, retired from the Austrian Service. When she is six years old, Laura has a vision of a beautiful visitor in her bedchamber. She later claims to have been bitten on the chest, although no wounds are found on her.

12 years later, Laura and her father are admiring the sunset in front of the castle when her father tells her of a letter he received earlier from his friend General Spielsdorf. The General was supposed to bring his niece, Bertha Rheinfeldt, to visit the two, but the niece suddenly died under mysterious circumstances. The General ambiguously concludes that he will discuss the circumstances in detail when they meet later. A carriage accident outside Laura’s home unexpectedly brings a girl of Laura’s age into the family’s care. Her name is Carmilla…..

Wow. Ive left out a big ‘chunk’ of what its all about in case you fancy reading it yourself.

This was a great read, i’m really glad I looked it up and made the time to read it. It was a really easy read as it wasn’t too long ( 108 pages) and was broken down into small chapters – things I like in a book!

Vampires are a very ‘hot topic’ right now, what with shows like Vampire Diaries and the Twilight Saga popping up all over the place. It was a change to read a book that turned a conventional love story on it’s head. Although it was written almost 140 years ago, its scary how easily it could fit right into todays world.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any fantasy fans out there. You can read it for free here via Goodreads.

PS….Siri has been consulted!! I will post his thoughts tomorrow!

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