A round of applause for Siri!

Following on from my post earlier last week (Im so sorry i’m falling behind in blogging again!!) I have consulted Siri and have some very interesting answers for your questions!

First up….The Common Tarte!

I asked Siri if he would write an autobiography…..

Actually I think if the time came when machines surpassed us (Matrix style) and Siri wrote an autobiography, it would probably be quite comical!

Next is Lorna‘s question!

Will we have a long hot summer….

Well thanks a bunch Siri!! He cant predict the summer (Although I hope we dont need to wait until September for some more glorious sunshine!) and he has predicted snow. On the brightside we did have snow today so i’m putting more faith in his weather predicting skills – clever Siri!

And one for you antiquityandadventures πŸ™‚

20120403-114508 PM.jpg

5 thoughts on “A round of applause for Siri!

  1. tearoomdelights

    Thank you Erica and thank you Siri, I thought it was a long shot asking for a prediction for the summer, but I’m keeping my hopes up. I love your ‘Erica’s Imagination’ pics by the way, absolutely fantastic!

    1. Erica Post author

      Thanks Lorna – Glad you like my photos!
      I will let you know if his prediction changes – fingers crossed we have a nice summer!


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