Creative Boiled Eggs (And a happy easter!)

Apologies for this very belated Easter posting and for it being very none chocolate related! I hope you all had an eggscellent easter break!
I had a very ‘eggsciting’ package arrive last week….some egg moulds! Well they’re not technically egg moulds, more like sushi moulds that just happen to be fabulous with boiled eggs!

I spotted them on eBay and as they were only £4.00 for 4 I thought I would give it a go!

20120409-101220 PM.jpg

First I had to boil my egg. I started with a pan of tepid water, and with the egg in the pan, brought it slowly to the boil. Once it had reached boiling point, I turned down the heat so as it was simmering. I used a small egg so as it would fit in the mould better.

To help keep the yolk in the centre of the egg, I kept turning it with a spoon for about 10 minutes. This stopped the yolk from setting near to the edge of the egg and causing a little bit of a mess later on!

20120409-101228 PM.jpg

After 10 minutes or so, I took the egg out of the hot water and peeled it. I didn’t quite realise how hot eggs got!

After I had peeled it, I popped it back into the pan of hot water to warm it up again. It’s important to put a hot egg inside the mould so it takes the shape a little better. Before putting the egg into the mould, I dipped it (the mould) into a bowl of cold water so as to prevent the egg from sticking to the sides.

I then put the hot egg into the mould, pushing it down a little so we didn’t have a squashed egg! Sorry there’s no photo – I got a little carried away!

20120409-101236 PM.jpg

After 20 minutes or so (once the egg has cooled), I took the mould out the cold water.

20120409-101242 PM.jpg

And here we have a perfect little egg!

I’m pleased to say this was a great attempt! My first attempt ended up a disaster – egg everywhere!

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