Instagram and WordPress

Since this post has been quite popular (Glad I could help so many of you!) ive updated it a little with more tips as i’ve come across them. 

Grrrr I was trying to help out in the wordpress forums and it wouldnt let me type any code so here it goes!

This post is about linking Instagram and WordPress.COM. Im sure there is an external plug in that will handle this if you are a wordpress.ORG user.

Displaying your instagram feed on your blog

I take my photo with instagram that goes through to my instagram related blog on Tumblr (its different to the one I have here on WordPress). To then show what photos im posting on my Tumblr blog (so followers of my regular blog can check them out too!) I use the tumblr RSS feed.

I then paste the tumblr rss link into the ‘Flickr’ widget as it allows you to put in an rss feed that ISNT just from flickr.

Theoretically you could use something like webstagram (or other instagram related feed sites) and post your rss in from there?

A lot of websites now let you get an RSS feed of your instagram postings.

These include:


Tumblr (If you cross post there)



I use a site called INK361.

I tried Webstagram and Statigram and it either doesnt show your photos or doesnt update for some reason.

Head over to INK361 to link with your instagram. Once you have, if you click on your username (top left) it will take you through to your profile. On the right hand side where you can see your bio and profile photo, there is a small rss button with a link to your feed.

Mine is:


so yours will look the same only replacing my username with yours! If you then copy and paste the whole url (including the feed:// part) into the flickr widget you should have an updating instagram feed in no time!

Its been trial and error with finding a rss feed that will work! This one seems to for now, if you find any others let us know in the comments!

Create A ‘Follow Me On Instagram’ Link

You can make a ‘follow me on instagram’ image and link through using that.

By using one of the ‘text’ widget boxes you can add some code in like this:


UPDATE: Instagram now have a web page for every user – mine is where people can follow and like your photos too.

This will give readers a link to click on and will take them through to your facebook…twitter…instagram page. You can put any link in there and then change the text (FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM) to whatever you would like it to say.

Create a ‘Follow Me on Instagram’ link with an image

Or to use an image, upload the image you want to use to your wordpress gallery so you have a url. When linking, it must be the actual link to the file and not the link to the attachment page. See the screen shot below to see what I mean. It the the ‘File URL’ on the far right that you need – not the permalink/attachment page.

instagram and wordpress

Then put some code like this into a text widget:

<a href="">
<img src="XXXXXX.jpg" border="0">

The XXXXX are where the file URL of your image will go!

This will take the user to your twitter/instagram/facebook or where ever you would like to send them! The linking world is your oyster.

It seems to be mentioned alot on the forums – so this is just my two pence worth on the subject! An instagram widget would be fab so fingers crossed one appears soon!

Any questions/hints/tips please post them below so we can help each other out 🙂


63 thoughts on “Instagram and WordPress

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    1. Erica Post author

      Glad it was helpful! It was driving me mad not having an easy way to link both. Its not perfect but a good workaround!

  2. ricki24

    …hai Erica, really thanks for this tutorial Instagram & WordPress :thumbup:
    i was a newbie & today my 1st day blogging….its work for me 🙂

    1. Erica Post author

      Hi Carlos,
      Sorry you’re having trouble with it! I’ve just updated the post with some more info on where to find your rss feed. Ive just updated mine to Ink361, make sure your adding the feed on your profile (things that you post) and not the feed on who you follow. Any other questions please let me know!

  3. Trace Fossil

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been looking around forever and this is the best thing yet. However…is there any way to make the pictures smaller? They’re huge! Apparently the thumbnail option doesn’t work…hmmm….

    1. Erica Post author

      Hi Tracey! Glad it helped! It might be where you put the Flickr widget. If its in an area that is quite wide I guess it will try to fill out that whole space. I have mine in the sidebar, its quite a thin space so they don’t stretch too big.
      I hope that helps 🙂
      Let me know how you get on!

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    1. Erica Post author

      Hi Tyla!
      Just had a look at your site and looks like their being posted through Flickr? I guess it would try to resize them to the size they are on Flickr which might be why they are coming out odd sizes.
      I don’t use flickr so i’m not much help there i’m afraid!
      If you want your instagram photos, try using Ink361 or a similar Instagram rss feed site and see if that makes them the same size? put in the Flicker widget rss feed: feed://

      That should bring them all out the same size.

      Let me know how you get on 🙂

      1. TyLa

        Hi Erica,

        I changed it back to Flickr because ink361 was making my pictures big, and only half of the picture was showing up. I copied and pasted my rss feed url from ink361, and that’s what happen.

      2. Alyssa - le closet.

        Help! I followed all the steps… I am pretty new at blogging…and my pictures appear very big! I cannot get them to be displayed as smaller sizes!

  5. Patt the Penguin

    This may be a bit off base from the role of Instagram. But is it possible to go the other way, posting photos (if formatted properly) FROM WordPress TO an Instagram account? You would likely want to capture the title used for the WordPress post and use it for the Instagram post too. Thanks for any feedback!

  6. sethlangbauer

    When I use your code:

    and replace the site name with my tumblr name, I get a broken image icon. Any way to make it display a small tumblr feed of photos?

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  9. mskimmaly

    Hi Erica! Thank you for these helpful tips, I have been trying out different options out there and I come across the same issue each time: thumbnail size. I used your RSS feed link from INK361 and my photos are huge, take a peek at my blog if you’d like. Did this happen to you, too? And if so, how did you adjust the photo size? I am thinking it may be my theme that is causing the weird size.

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