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Sorry i’m a bad bad blogger!

Im sorry – Ive turned into a bad bad blogger these past few months!

Ive been tied up at work, coursework and general happenings to sit down and put some thoughts down.

Anyway to say sorry heres some lovely recent findings from Pinterest to hopefully raise a smile 🙂


Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 01.04.2012

Happy April 1st! I cant quite believe that we are in April already – its seems like yesterday it was January!

Heres a lovely collection of easter themed things I came across this week on Pinterest!

I hope you enjoy them!








Source: via Erica on Pinterest



Source: via Erica on Pinterest



Source: via Erica on Pinterest

Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 25.03.2012

Sorry i’ve completely fallen behind on my regular sunday postings too – i’m being a bad bad blogger lately!

Here’s a few things that I hope will brighten your Sunday 🙂

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Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 11.03.2012

Some more Sunday Pinterest loveliness! As always, follow the photos to their sources.

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One Awesome Cake

I’ve been poorly now for a few days and that along with not being able to see has made me pretty cranky!
So, my sister came to stay for a couple of days. She brought with her some tasty biscuits from my mum to cheer me up and mountains of washing I left at home! She also brought her impressive baking knowledge.

I’m not a very good baker, my last cake came out part cake/part pancake.
It looked impressive but tasted awful!

20120218-095216 PM.jpg

Anyway…we came across this beautiful cake on Pinterest and decided to attempt it. Pinterest is so great for inspiration like that!

We managed to find the original baker – you can have a look at her making it here

I didn’t get too close to the actual baking, it would have ended up a flu bug cake.
We followed a traditional sponge cake recipe. The one we followed was one of Delia Smiths, can you find it here.

Our extras

Chocolate ‘kit Kat’ style biscuits
Chocolate frosting
Strawberry jam

20120218-095253 PM.jpg

20120218-095655 PM.jpg

After baking our two layers we let them cool for around 30 minutes.

Once cool, we spread the strawberry jam out for the filling and put the two halves together.

20120218-095604 PM.jpg

Once together we spread the chocolate frosting all over.

20120218-095314 PM.jpg

We then stuck the chocolate Kit Kat biscuits all around the edge. They stuck well because of the chocolate frosting.

Once they had been stuck all around (it took 24 packets altogether!) we poured the smarties and chocolate eggs on top.

We finished off with a ribbon

And heres a little video. (My very first YouTube video!!)…

We didnt want to cut it – it just looked too good! It looked great and was really simple to put together.

It would be a great idea for a birthday cake or even an easter cake!

Fictional Bucket List (13-18)

Week three of my fictional bucket list series! Although I would love to put together an actual bucket list, its a lot more fun putting together a list of things i’m never actually going to do (Unless I do get the chance to swim with Dory….).

13. Stop a train with the Railway Children

This was a classic film growing up. It makes my bucket list  for two reasons – 1, it is an iconic film moment and 2, how great would it be to flag down a train in these fabulous outfits!


14. Sing carols with the Muppets

If you’ve read my blog before you will probably know that I love the muppets!! This film taught me more about being kind to people and the meaning of christmas than others did. Even now, if one of the songs comes on my iPod I let it play and sing along. I can watch this film at any point of the year not just at christmas! So I would love to sing carols with these guys!

15. Have tea with the mad hatter

This would be so amazingly strange it has to be on my bucket list somewhere! I imagine fancy cup cakes and fine china as well as perfectly brewed tea.

16. Let Tom draw the city on my arm

I posted about this film a couple of weeks ago, one of the most tender parts of the film. Im lucky that I have someone special to draw on in my life. The whole setting of this scene, the bench and of course the outfits makes me what to be apart of this!


17. Be their guest!

Would there be any better dining experience than being greeted by singing tea pots, plates and utensils?! Nope there is not. I would LOVE to be their guest!

18. Hang out with the wild things for a day.

I want to cuddle them, they look like they would give good cuddles! I love this book and love the film even more! Hanging  with the wild things make the list as everyone needs to play outside once in a while and have some make believe fun. Using your imagination.


Those were my factional bucket list entries for this week! What would be on your fictional bucket list? Do you have a fictional bucket list?!

You can follow my fictional bucket list on Pinterest. If you’re not on Pinterest and would like an invite let me know in the comments!