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Sorry i’m a bad bad blogger!

Im sorry – Ive turned into a bad bad blogger these past few months!

Ive been tied up at work, coursework and general happenings to sit down and put some thoughts down.

Anyway to say sorry heres some lovely recent findings from Pinterest to hopefully raise a smile 🙂


Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 25.03.2012

Sorry i’ve completely fallen behind on my regular sunday postings too – i’m being a bad bad blogger lately!

Here’s a few things that I hope will brighten your Sunday 🙂

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I love a novelty jumper

This weekend I got a very special present – a new novelty jumper!

Unfortunately it didn’t fit its intended owner and conveniently it fit me perfectly (Hurray!)

Behold …… Spiderman!!

20120305-090503 PM.jpg

I LOVE a novelty jumper – christmas, spotted, nautical, animals….. I love them. I dont think we wear enough of them.

Wearing my geek chic jumper with pride 🙂

Recent Reading – Style Me Vintage

I’ve finally had the time to sit down and jump into this beautiful book!

After a hectic weekend of rummaging through the vintage shops of Manchester’s northern quarter, I had chance to sit down with a cup of delicious tea and take in all of the vintage awesomeness (yes thats a word…) of this book! ‘Style Me Vintage: Clothes’ is one of three books that cover vintage clothing, hair and make-up. It offers information and tips on creating and finding vintage clothing from the 1920’s up until the 1980’s. Continue reading

Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 26.01.12

Some lovely pinterest finds from this week!

Have you had any lovely pinterest finds? Its becoming quite addictive browsing all of the wonderful things on there!

As always follow the images for their sources.

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Some Things I Love Right Now

In order to break from the regular valentines traditions a little bit I thought that rather than posting about the person I love, I would share some things that I love right now.

Things that shouldn’t have faces that do have faces

20120214-084017 PM.jpg

It just makes me smile. I also half expect them to have a muppet pop out (a la Muppets Christmas Carol!). This was my door handle last weekend, its been very cold and the poor handle looks like it could do with a hankie.

Strange uses for things

This photo makes me so happy!! You can never have too many tea pots. Everyone likes tea.

Pretty Collars

More and more I find myself choosing clothing based on if it has a collar or not. Collars are a must.


Im about to move house and im pretty sure i’ve found it already. This house had a neighbour whose garden was completely filled with gnomes! Im tempted to snap this one up right away just based on the gnomes.


This film completely blew me away. A must watch if you haven’t already. I like listening to the soundtrack when i’m driving now – I feel like a total badass!


Cant believe i’ve only just bought her album. A beautiful voice and amazing for someone who is only 15. Her version of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love is outstanding.

Well these are a few of my ‘loves’ right now, what are yours?

A beautiful voice

Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 05.02.12

Another Sunday another excuse to share some lovely Pinterest finds i’ve had this week!

Geeky Tights – I love these!
Chocolate Sundae bowls
DIY – Cut the legs off an old dresser and turn it into a bench with storage. Add a lovely set of pillows! Great idea.
Ninjabread Men!
Little bird dishes
Possibly one of the best bookcases i’ve ever seen!

Have you had any lovely Pinterest finds this week?