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Protein Snacks

Some quick and easy snacks!

• Dates (about 10)
• peanut butter
• mixture of nuts and seeds
• protein powder (any flavour – I used chocolate brownie!)
• Cocoa powder
• dark chocolate


• Put everything into a blender (apart from the dark chocolate) and mix until the mixture comes together into one giant ball

• Roll small balls out and roll onto the seed mixture.

• Melt the dark chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water

• Drizzle the dark chocolate onto the protein balls

Enjoy 🙂

20130518-072115 PM.jpg

Creative Boiled Eggs (And a happy easter!)

Apologies for this very belated Easter posting and for it being very none chocolate related! I hope you all had an eggscellent easter break!
I had a very ‘eggsciting’ package arrive last week….some egg moulds! Well they’re not technically egg moulds, more like sushi moulds that just happen to be fabulous with boiled eggs!

I spotted them on eBay and as they were only £4.00 for 4 I thought I would give it a go!

20120409-101220 PM.jpg

First I had to boil my egg. I started with a pan of tepid water, and with the egg in the pan, brought it slowly to the boil. Once it had reached boiling point, I turned down the heat so as it was simmering. I used a small egg so as it would fit in the mould better.

To help keep the yolk in the centre of the egg, I kept turning it with a spoon for about 10 minutes. This stopped the yolk from setting near to the edge of the egg and causing a little bit of a mess later on!

20120409-101228 PM.jpg

After 10 minutes or so, I took the egg out of the hot water and peeled it. I didn’t quite realise how hot eggs got!

After I had peeled it, I popped it back into the pan of hot water to warm it up again. It’s important to put a hot egg inside the mould so it takes the shape a little better. Before putting the egg into the mould, I dipped it (the mould) into a bowl of cold water so as to prevent the egg from sticking to the sides.

I then put the hot egg into the mould, pushing it down a little so we didn’t have a squashed egg! Sorry there’s no photo – I got a little carried away!

20120409-101236 PM.jpg

After 20 minutes or so (once the egg has cooled), I took the mould out the cold water.

20120409-101242 PM.jpg

And here we have a perfect little egg!

I’m pleased to say this was a great attempt! My first attempt ended up a disaster – egg everywhere!

Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 26.01.12

Some lovely pinterest finds from this week!

Have you had any lovely pinterest finds? Its becoming quite addictive browsing all of the wonderful things on there!

As always follow the images for their sources.

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Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 19.02.12

Some delightful finds from Pinterest this week! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

You can find all of their sources by clicking on the images.

If you would like an invite to Pinterest let me know in the comments!

Wooden Spools

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One Awesome Cake

I’ve been poorly now for a few days and that along with not being able to see has made me pretty cranky!
So, my sister came to stay for a couple of days. She brought with her some tasty biscuits from my mum to cheer me up and mountains of washing I left at home! She also brought her impressive baking knowledge.

I’m not a very good baker, my last cake came out part cake/part pancake.
It looked impressive but tasted awful!

20120218-095216 PM.jpg

Anyway…we came across this beautiful cake on Pinterest and decided to attempt it. Pinterest is so great for inspiration like that!

We managed to find the original baker – you can have a look at her making it here

I didn’t get too close to the actual baking, it would have ended up a flu bug cake.
We followed a traditional sponge cake recipe. The one we followed was one of Delia Smiths, can you find it here.

Our extras

Chocolate ‘kit Kat’ style biscuits
Chocolate frosting
Strawberry jam

20120218-095253 PM.jpg

20120218-095655 PM.jpg

After baking our two layers we let them cool for around 30 minutes.

Once cool, we spread the strawberry jam out for the filling and put the two halves together.

20120218-095604 PM.jpg

Once together we spread the chocolate frosting all over.

20120218-095314 PM.jpg

We then stuck the chocolate Kit Kat biscuits all around the edge. They stuck well because of the chocolate frosting.

Once they had been stuck all around (it took 24 packets altogether!) we poured the smarties and chocolate eggs on top.

We finished off with a ribbon

And heres a little video. (My very first YouTube video!!)…

We didnt want to cut it – it just looked too good! It looked great and was really simple to put together.

It would be a great idea for a birthday cake or even an easter cake!

Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 12.02.12

Another Sunday another reason to share some Pinterest finds!

I know Valentines day is around the corner so there are a few ‘lovely’ finds in here!

If you’re not on Pinterest yet and would like to be, let me know in the comments and i’ll invite you 🙂

Possible the best idea for storing books!

Frankenstein and his bride

Panda Bread!

Book Archway - Lyon, France

Not only practical....awesome

Pretty love heart jars from book pages