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New Years Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again…new years resolutions! I’m great at thinking them up but awful at keeping them!

There are some things that I have to do this year in order to become a fully fledged ‘grown up’.

In no particular order these are…..


Saving money



I’m awful with money. I’m the kind of person that think ‘oh well I really need that’ when looking at bargain boots that I will probably never wear. Some of you might know that I’m great at hoarding random junk that I come across at second hands shops and junk shops (I have bowls, frames and even a whisk knocking around somewhere!). What I’m not so great at is putting money away for a rainy day. The way things are at the minutes, it looks as if I could do with putting some money away as nobody seems to know what is around the corner in this current financial crisis.

I came across this great weekly savings challenge on Reddit and I’m going to try to stick to it! Any little helps right?! It’s in Dollars but I will user British Pounds instead.

Move out!


Okay so this one is directly linked to saving some money. I’ve been living with my aunty and her family for over three years now so as I can pay off some of my student debts and save (??!?!?!). One downside to this is that I’m terrified of living alone! Every creak of the floorboards and I think somebody has broken into the house. I was left ‘house sitting’ earlier this week which turned out to be more of a nightmare than I had thought. Our house alarm decided to go off for no reason at 3 am and being very sleepy I couldn’t figure out what it was. In my sleepy state I then proceeded to set off the smoke alarms so I had two sets of alarms beeping at me. Needless to say I was close to a heart attack.

So that’s why I will be a disaster living alone.

Doing more things that make me happy


Spending more time with friends, less time on work and generally enjoying life!



I’m also hoping to complete my Goodreads reading challenge….but more on that later!

Have you made any new years resolutions?

Christmas 2012

Another year another christmas holiday!

Since I haven’t blogged in almost 10 months (seriously a bad blogger….) I figured now would be a good time to start again with it being a new year.

Christmas is always spent at home, surrounded by family and friends. I’ve just hit the big 2-5 which means being a ‘grown up’ in the real word, although Santa still knows how to spoil me 🙂

I got a great selection of books (which ill post about later!), shoes, bits and pieces and my favourite thing…a new camera! So armed with my new camera expect a lot of new photo posts!

My second favourite things…..Lego stormtrooper alarm clock!

Anyway I hope you all had a lovely christmas holiday and I shall return soon with new posts and some better photos!














Happy New Year! Resolutions and some learning along the way

Happy new year everybody!

The past year has brought happiness, sadness and a lot of laughs along the way!

This year our family has shared many happy moments, such as a graduation, a driving test, an 18th, a wedding and many more get-togethers than we’ve ever had before. I’ve learnt that its ok to be who I want to be, to wear what I like (when I like!) and to cherish every moment with loved ones as time is short.

I also got my second tattoo this year and have grown in confidence (both personally and professionally) which I am immensely proud of. I’ve travelled to Paris and London as well as venturing out and exploring more of Cumbria! My vinyl collection has grown and I’ve successfully brought my love of Queen to a younger generation (My BEST moment being when my 10-year-old cousin burst into ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ on the anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death to the amazement of the friends – who had no idea who he was. A very proud big cousin!).

However we’ve also had our fair share of heartbreak with family members plagued by illness and loosing loved ones throughout the year.

I’m not entirely sure what my New Years resolution was last year but this year my goals are to take more photographs (and invest in a nice new camera!!!), learn more about myself and the world around me and to remember to brush my teeth before bed (gross but practical!)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! Happy new year and I hope it is good to you all 🙂