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Christmas 2012

Another year another christmas holiday!

Since I haven’t blogged in almost 10 months (seriously a bad blogger….) I figured now would be a good time to start again with it being a new year.

Christmas is always spent at home, surrounded by family and friends. I’ve just hit the big 2-5 which means being a ‘grown up’ in the real word, although Santa still knows how to spoil me 🙂

I got a great selection of books (which ill post about later!), shoes, bits and pieces and my favourite thing…a new camera! So armed with my new camera expect a lot of new photo posts!

My second favourite things…..Lego stormtrooper alarm clock!

Anyway I hope you all had a lovely christmas holiday and I shall return soon with new posts and some better photos!















Instagram and WordPress

Since this post has been quite popular (Glad I could help so many of you!) ive updated it a little with more tips as i’ve come across them. 

Grrrr I was trying to help out in the wordpress forums and it wouldnt let me type any code so here it goes!

This post is about linking Instagram and WordPress.COM. Im sure there is an external plug in that will handle this if you are a wordpress.ORG user.

Displaying your instagram feed on your blog

I take my photo with instagram that goes through to my instagram related blog on Tumblr (its different to the one I have here on WordPress). To then show what photos im posting on my Tumblr blog (so followers of my regular blog can check them out too!) I use the tumblr RSS feed.

I then paste the tumblr rss link into the ‘Flickr’ widget as it allows you to put in an rss feed that ISNT just from flickr.

Theoretically you could use something like webstagram (or other instagram related feed sites) and post your rss in from there?

A lot of websites now let you get an RSS feed of your instagram postings.

These include:


Tumblr (If you cross post there)



I use a site called INK361.

I tried Webstagram and Statigram and it either doesnt show your photos or doesnt update for some reason.

Head over to INK361 to link with your instagram. Once you have, if you click on your username (top left) it will take you through to your profile. On the right hand side where you can see your bio and profile photo, there is a small rss button with a link to your feed.

Mine is:


so yours will look the same only replacing my username with yours! If you then copy and paste the whole url (including the feed:// part) into the flickr widget you should have an updating instagram feed in no time!

Its been trial and error with finding a rss feed that will work! This one seems to for now, if you find any others let us know in the comments!

Create A ‘Follow Me On Instagram’ Link

You can make a ‘follow me on instagram’ image and link through using that.

By using one of the ‘text’ widget boxes you can add some code in like this:

<a href="http://www.instagram.com/itsonlyericab">FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM</a>

UPDATE: Instagram now have a web page for every user – mine is www.instagram.com/itsonlyericab where people can follow and like your photos too.

This will give readers a link to click on and will take them through to your facebook…twitter…instagram page. You can put any link in there and then change the text (FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM) to whatever you would like it to say.

Create a ‘Follow Me on Instagram’ link with an image

Or to use an image, upload the image you want to use to your wordpress gallery so you have a url. When linking, it must be the actual link to the file and not the link to the attachment page. See the screen shot below to see what I mean. It the the ‘File URL’ on the far right that you need – not the permalink/attachment page.

instagram and wordpress

Then put some code like this into a text widget:

<a href="http://www.instagram.com/itsonlyericab">
<img src="XXXXXX.jpg" border="0">

The XXXXX are where the file URL of your image will go!

This will take the user to your twitter/instagram/facebook or where ever you would like to send them! The linking world is your oyster.

It seems to be mentioned alot on the forums – so this is just my two pence worth on the subject! An instagram widget would be fab so fingers crossed one appears soon!

Any questions/hints/tips please post them below so we can help each other out 🙂

I’ve Been A Little Distracted Lately…

Ok I appologise! After all of the excitement last week of being nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award I have fallen off the blogging wagon this week.

With work, family and bits and pieces cropping up I haven’t had time to even watch my beloved Big Bang Theory let along be creative with my blogging!

Well I thought I would share one little thing i’ve been up too….


Yep….thats what has kept me so busy! If you are on instagram you can follow our exploits here:@ericasdoodles

Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 19.02.12

Some delightful finds from Pinterest this week! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

You can find all of their sources by clicking on the images.

If you would like an invite to Pinterest let me know in the comments!

Wooden Spools

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The strangest iPhone app…Tiny Planets

One of the strangest yet brilliant iPhone apps – Tiny Planets’

It turns your photos into ‘tiny planets’ – exactly what it says on the tin!

It cost 69p and has been great fun.

I dont think i’ve quite mastered it yet – they seem to work better if it is a landscape photo.

To see some impressive photos, have a look at PhotoCumbria on Instagram, he has mastered the ‘Tiny Planets’ skill! You can also follow him on twitter

20120207-102519 PM.jpg

20120207-102537 PM.jpg

20120207-102527 PM.jpg

20120207-102751 PM.jpg

Instagram here I come!

Im now on instagram if anybody else is?

You can follow me at @itsonlyericab