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Sorry i’m a bad bad blogger!

Im sorry – Ive turned into a bad bad blogger these past few months!

Ive been tied up at work, coursework and general happenings to sit down and put some thoughts down.

Anyway to say sorry heres some lovely recent findings from Pinterest to hopefully raise a smile ๐Ÿ™‚


Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 01.04.2012

Happy April 1st! I cant quite believe that we are in April already – its seems like yesterday it was January!

Heres a lovely collection of easter themed things I came across this week on Pinterest!

I hope you enjoy them!








Source: bit.ly via Erica on Pinterest



Source: google.com.au via Erica on Pinterest



Source: tumblr.com via Erica on Pinterest

Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 25.03.2012

Sorry i’ve completely fallen behind on my regular sunday postings too – i’m being a bad bad blogger lately!

Here’s a few things that I hope will brighten your Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 11.03.2012

Some more Sunday Pinterest loveliness! As always, follow the photos to their sources.

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Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 04.03.2012

I cant believe we’re in March already!

This collection has a little ‘Spring’ theme to it.

I love this time of year. The sun starts to stay out later, flowers are beginning to bloom and everywhere you look there is lambs! It also has a little ‘Kitchen’ theme going on…..Just obsessing over pyrex and crockery!

Source: boligpluss.no via Erica on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Erica on Pinterest

Source: nobiggie.net via Erica on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Erica on Pinterest

As always, click on the photos to go to the original sources.ย And if you would like a Pinterest invite let me know in the comments or contact form!

Sunday Pinterest Miscellany 26.01.12

Some lovely pinterest finds from this week!

Have you had any lovely pinterest finds? Its becoming quite addictive browsing all of the wonderful things on there!

As always follow the images for their sources.

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Fictional Bucket List (19-24)

Numbers 19 – 24 of my fictional bucket list

Because I’ll never do it, I may as well put together a list…..just in case!

19. Be one of the dancers in this scene!

I would love to be a part of a flash mob! This is one of my favorite moments from this film, just after Tom has spent the night with Summer he walks home with Hall & Oats ‘You make my dreams’ in the background. Dancers appear, there’s a fountain and some cartoon birds flutter around. Perfection!

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