Have you heard of PostSecret?

Sorry theres no Sunday Pinterest today! I want to share something more inspiring, beautiful and fascinating with you – the world of PostSecret.

“Secrets can remind us of the countless human dramas, of frailty and heroism playing out silently in the lives of people all around us.” (Frank Warren)

I dont know how many people are familiar with the concept of PostSecret. It all started with Frank Warren in 2005. Frank would drive to DC after work and hand out blank postcards to strangers. They began to post them back to him and since then hundreds and thousands of secrets have been sent to Frank.

“The concept of the project was that completely anonymous people decorate a postcard and portray a secret that they had never previously revealed. No restrictions are made on the content of the secret; only that it must be completely truthful and must never have been spoken before. Entries range from admissions of sexual misconduct and criminal activity to confessions of secret desires, embarrassing habits, hopes and dreams.The secrets are meant to be empowering both to the author and to those who read it. Frank Warren claims that the postcards are inspirational to those who read them, have healing powers for those who write them, give hope to people who identify with a stranger’s secret, and create an anonymous community of acceptance.”

Every Sunday Frank updates the postsecret blog with around 20 new secrets that he has received.

Frank recently gave a talk to TED, about Postsecret. You can watch it below.

Its a treat for me every sunday to read this weeks secrets, you can read them here: www.postsecret.com

PS….This is also my 100th post!!! Thanks you so much for all the comments, follows and likes! Im completely amazed that anyone is interested in what I have to say!!

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