Making Homemade Soap {Part 2}

I was a little nervous this morning checking on my soap, mainly as I had been given a glare from my mum about the possibility of ruining her pan! I didn’t fancy buying a replacement pan so i’m hoping any future cooking doesn’t taste like soap or froth up.

Anyway, if you didn’t read my post yesterday you can find it here!

Even if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty well!!

I used Aloe Vera and an antibacterial soap and it smells so good!

When I checked on it this morning, it had turned into what I can only describe as a solid jelly snot. lovely!

Following the steps here, Robyn suggested whipping it to make it a bit smoothy. I did and it turned out perfectly!!

All I need now is to find some pretty soap bottles 🙂

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