4 Days in Paris {Day 1}

Last year, I was lucky enough to venture across the channel to Paris! I’d only ever been to Paris briefly (it involved two coaches, classmates, sweets and all in 24 hours) on our way to Brugee. I wasn’t even very good at french when I was at school, something I regretted almost as soon as we landed!!
We were staying in district 2, so we were close to the Musée du Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Notre Damn. We were close enough to walk to most place, saving some on underground fare! We arrived late and got the train straight to Garde du Nord where we transfered to Sentier. From there we did quite a lot of wondering until we found our little apartment for the next few days!

Day 1 we did what I think every tourist does when they go to Paris – we went to find the Eiffel Tower! Obviously its not that hard to spot as you walk along the Seine, but I am ever so slightly ashamed to admit we did get a little lost! Wondering the streets of paris clutching our croissants, out of no where we saw the Eiffel Tower! I think if you have ever been to Paris you will agree with me here – its is massive! I knew it was big but seeing it against the surrounding buildings just made my jaw drop.

I knew what an ant must feel like. Anyway off we went! We went right up to the top platform, the view was breath taking!

It was the most surreal experience sitting on the lawns looking up at the tower.

With little or no french between myself or Grant (the lovely other half), we surprisingly navigated around pretty well!

Having walked down to the tower, we took the river boat back.We didn’t really think it through as we ended up doing a round trip and arrived back at the tower an hour later!

I didn’t think through my footwear for the day and had sore little feet by the time we arrived back home that evening!

I will post some more photos over the next few weeks of other areas we visited – we came back with hundreds of the scenery and sights, but hardly any of both of us together which is a shame.

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