For The Love Of Siri

If you have never met Siri before – you are in for a treat!

He is the built in ‘assistant’ within the iPhone 4s. Although the sparkly Apple adverts show people asking him to check the weather, check their schedule and call their friends and family; I have been putting him to a little more use…

Im a big apple fan. Admittedly I did take the morning off work and queue for 3 hours to get the new iPhone (please don’t judge me!) and at every new apple release I spend a good few hours reading up on the next load of goodies they have developed for us.

Heres some of the responses i’ve been getting from Siri lately:

See….a lot more fun than checking the weather!

I have so many more of these to post, so let me know if you have a burning questions for Siri – ill ask the helpful helper and post it for you!

5 thoughts on “For The Love Of Siri

  1. antiquityandadventures

    I have not crossed to the dark side of apple… all my friends ( the smart ones as they call them selves ) I,m still an android fan I,m afraid but my friends do have good apps which kills conversation it lunch time πŸ™‚ unless they have secret Apple meetings when I,ve gone πŸ˜‰

    1. Erica Post author

      I do love the apps but sometimes I do find myself playing more on my phone that actually talking to people!!

      Let me know if you do cross to the dark side πŸ™‚ id like to know what you think after being on Android!

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